The Abyss


Welcome to the Abyss, Powerpet's one and only place under the sea! Make sure you have your diving gear in working order and that everything is secure, then take my hand and I'll show you around.

There are a few places in the Abyss that you simply won't want to miss. First off, let's stop in at that large ship you see decorating the ocean's floor. In this place you will be able to earn the currency used in most places down here. When you swim inside the ship, you will be met by a few unfriendly sea creatures. You must scare them off with the proper damage inducing weapons. The quest will prompt you to bring a weapon of a certain amount and damage type, for example, 5 Titanium. Once you have this information, head on over to the Outlet Manager, (You can find this from the Site Map menu under East New Barkston) and find a weapon that does the damage you need it to. Then bring it back to the Shipwreck and scare off those nasty sea creatures. Once they're gone, you will hear a voice asking you a question from one of the PF Library's books. You'll have to find that book and the answer and voila! Come back and if you answer the question correctly, you will be met by a friendly ghostly pirate with a Pearl for you! If not... Well... We'll not talk about that.

Let's move on. At the next stop, there's Shark-O-Bell. The best fast sea-food place you'll ever see. Shopping here will cost you Pearls. Make sure you have some on hand before you come through the door. You can find those in the Shipwreck quest explained above. The moment you come through the door, you are met with the delicious aroma of the finest seafood available. To make your meal, you first choose a main dish next to the Pearl that matches the color you earned in the Shipwreck quest, (Or any you might have bought from other players). Once you've done this, you are brought to the drink panel, you may choose any drink. And then the same with the side dish. Once you've made your choices, you are met with the Order option, click that, and if you're certain you have that color Pearl on hand, click Pay and you'll be on your way with your scrumptious meal! Now keep in mind, there just may be another inhabitant in this undersea land that may love Shark-O-Bell food just as much as you do!

As you head out, meal in hand, you hear an excited voice calling out 'BINGO!' This catches your attention, because really... A Bingo Hall under the sea? Well this is intriguing, but when you ask a passerby about it, they simply shrugged and asked where else one was to put it. Ah well, so you decide to step in and play a few games. It's easy to Navigate the Bingo Hall really. You can choose to Play Bingo, and that will open up a new screen in which you can buy your tickets and play. You can check on Upcoming Games, to see when you need to be back to start a new game. You can check on the Expired Games to see just who stole that last Bingo away from you at the last second. Or, if you're lucky enough to have won, head on over to the Collect Winnings option to collect your prize. Remember, if more than one person calls out Bingo, you may have to share. But sharing is caring, so that's alright!

It just so happens you won big at Bingo, raking in a whole 250,000 pb jackpot all by yourself! Well this certainly calls for a celebration! You decide that with the powerbucks you've earned and all the bucks you've saved, you want to expand your family. So you head on over to the Adoption Center. You've always wondered how it would be to have a friend of the sea. So moving through the Center with an Ocean Theme, you are met with many interesting animals to choose from. You walk by tanks of Sea Turtles, Sea Otters, Dolphins, Orcas, Moray Eels, even Giant Squids... How can you choose? Well, whatever you settle on, you just know that they'll be a wonderful addition to your growing family. You've made your choice, now all there is to do is to pay the 10,000 powerbucks (Not Pearls, sorry) and name your new pet. Once you've done that, you can be on your way with your new friend for life.

Adopting your new pet has reminded you that you have just recently opened your Aquarium! You find this to be a totally cool new feature and can't wait to adopt some beautiful fish and decorations to fill it with. Looking around, you can't see any obvious building where one might do that, but you were told that you could do that here. Suddenly you see an opening in the reef off by the Bingo hall... It's worth a shot! So in you swim, to be greeted by a large being that calls herself Nessie. She welcomes you to her shop, Nessies Fancy Fish, quite warmly and shows you around. There are so many fish to choose from if you click the Inventory option. But first, may I remind you to click the Add Pearls option. To buy these beautiful fish, you must first add your Pearls for Pearl Points. That will be your currency for this place. Different colored Pearls are worth different amounts of points. Keep that in mind. Once you have sufficient Pearl points, head back into the Inventory and you may pick your fish. Warning! Be sure to only buy fish that match your tank. Saltwater fish for saltwater tanks, and freshwater fish for freshwater tanks. Otherwise your fish won't survive long.

So now you have your new fish, but you remember you need to feed them too! You happen to have quite a few food items in your backpack that count as food, but nothing you think these little fish would enjoy. So you head on over to Stickers Fish Food. Stickers is so kind, he would be glad to convert your food items into Fish Food for you! So just take him your food items, and at the Stickers Fish Food screen, simply click your foods and Stickers will automatically convert them into the form you need them to be. It's that easy!

Alright so now you have fish and fish food, but you find your Fish Food Inventory is not quite full. But you heard that there was a spice shop, and that you could turn those spices into Fish Food as well! Surely your fish would like the variety... So you head on over to the Spice It Up Shop. Once again the currency for buying the Spices is Pearl Points, and adding different Pearls will give you different amounts of points. The spices are pretty inexpensive so you can buy quite a bit on one Pearl. Once you've added your Pearls, you may purchase the spices you wish. These spices can also be used in your pet's kitchen if you have one. Once you've bought all you want, don't forget to head back to Stickers and use some of them to fill up your Fish Food Inventory if you wish to use them for that.

As you're leaving Spice It Up, you see a large shark swimming about. You're not certain why, but you swim right up to him (click on him if you can catch him ;)) and strike up a conversation! You find out his name is The Sharkfather. He tells you oh his plight. He's hungry and he happens to love Shark O Bell food! Wow! You happen to have some Shark O Bell food on you! He promises something nice if you give him some. So you decide to, clicking on one of the Shark O Bell Food items to give it to him. Very happy with you, but still he asks you a question that only one of the PF Library stories can answer. So you head on over to the PF Library to find the book and the answer to the question he asks. Once you have the answer, come back to tell him. If you give him the correct answer, he will give you something nice, such as a Job Card, or a Lucky Silver Coin, or Brown Bag Dispenser Coin, or perhaps even do something nice for you. If you get it wrong... Well... Let's just say your fate in the Shipwreck for answering incorrectly pales in comparison...

But let's not talk about that. As you swim away, you tuck a nice shiny coin into your backpack to use later. You realize that you're quite tired, and so you decide you're going to check out the last building here under the sea, and that is the Abyss Comedy Club! Oh lovely! You love jokes, especially if they are about animals. You could spend all day reading these delightful jokes. And it's likely you really could. There are a lot of them here, so go ahead and spend some time reading and rating these jokes. It could be a lot of fun! And much more requietl than swimming about.

Well... The day is almost done, and you head out of the Comedy Club, only to run into a pretty swimming lizard lady. You recognize her as the wife of Gekkie, Ratti herself. Of course you come swimming over. She smiles as she sees you, but has quite the bored look on her face. When you ask her what's going on, she tells you that she'd really like a few books, and this begins her quest. You are to go find a couple books that she asks for and bring them back to her. Sounds simple doesn't it? Well it really is. You go find those books and bring them back and in return she gives you a Pedia for your trouble. These will certainly be of use elsewhere in the game, so you tuck it away to put on your Bookshelf later.

Well my friend... Our day is over and it's time for you to head home. I hope you enjoyed your tour of our very own underwater wonderland, The Abyss and I hope you return to visit often. It is truly a lovely place here under the sea and worth quite a few visits back. Goodbye and goodnight, hope to see you around here again.

                                                                                                                By: Kittygirl14