Action Teams


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What are Action Teams?

Action Teams are players that host events. It can be one individual, or
a small group of them. Details about the Action Team events are released in
Site Updates. Players that are interested in participating should keep an eye out,
and when the event starts, just follow the instructions. Usually, the answers can
be pmailed to the host of the event.

Winners are randomly selected from the highest scoring, or the only ones left,
or possibly, out of everyone that participated. The prize consists of a predetermined
amount of Redemtion Points, which can then be spent in the Redemtion Centre. (Not yet opened)

Events can be anything from word scrambles to raffles to Choose Your Own Adventure.
Some are very challenging, and some may be as simple as posting a comment. But it's always
fun to try, and you can't win if you don't play!

Written by Ebil_Lightbulb