Bubba Buddha spends his time meditating in the Power Temple in Xiang. Visit him, and he will look deep within you to decide whether or not you qualify to become Elite. If you do, he will allow you to view his vast treasure trove of priceless items. If you wish to, he will allow you to choose something in exchange for Power Temple Tokens.

There are a few benefits if you become elite:
* Access to Power Temple to purchase weapons and account boosters
* The ability to help staff keep the site safe and friendly by tagging posts on chat boards that are against the rules or offensive

* Access to Category 5, Holiday Tad, Starry Night, Elite, Nova, and Hazzard chat board themes
* Access to more non-animated board avatars

* Creating your own Personal Page

Qualifications for becoming an Elite:
* Successfully complete at least 50 jobs in the Job Agency
* Own one pet with minimum 100 total armor (not armor level)
* Own one shop, size 100 or higher
* Read the History of Powerpets in all 7 Elder scrolls
* Own one Mini
* Have an active Short-Term Savings Account with a $25,000 minimum balance
* Vote at least once in the Poll Booth
* All your pets must be healthy and happy