Riksja Driver

Have some puzzle pieces? Go to the
Riksja Driver. There are
3 types of puzzles he can put together. First of all is Evolution Puzzle, Sticky Puzzle, then after that is the Bark Puzzle. There is 12 pieces in each puzzle and 3 different prizes.
First is the Evolutions, you can get these pieces come from the Dark Garduin Quest. Give Ric the full puzzle and he'll give you an Evolutions Egg! Next is the Bark. This is where the Creepy Caves Quest comes in. After you get all 12 pieces you get a kangabucks from 150 up to 450. Last but not least is the Sticky Puzzle.
For this puzzle to be complete, you go to the Gekkie's Greed Quest.Once you have all 12 pieces, you get a power temple token from completing this map.
so go on over to the Rikisja Driver is East Newbrakson
and get your puzzle put together today!

Written by: Lightbulbshield